As your coach, I create a supportive environment that will help you make gradual, lifelong changes, enabling you to reach your current and future health goals.

My signature Envious Health Private Coaching Programs are available by phone or Skype. Whether you are dealing with a chronic condition or are trying to transition to a healthier or plant-based lifestyle, my coaching sessions can help you. My focus is you. You have my commitment to your health and personal success.

** Included in the New Client Initial Session price, you will receive a full Health History, a comprehensive Health Questionnaire, an in-depth Nutritional Assessment and a Symptom Burden Analysis.  As well, following each session, each client will receive a follow-up email.  In addition, I offer all clients herbal and supplemental protocols and recommendations (if desired).


Some areas of focus will be:

  • weight loss
  • energy / mental clarity
  • attitude and mind-set
  • caloric needs
  • body composition
  • investigating chronic conditions
  • relieving symptoms
  • improved sleep
  • improved digestion
  • meal ideas
  • recipes
  • food combining
  • social situations
  • tomorrow and beyond

All of my clients' needs and desires are unique. I work hard to devise a plan very specific to each client and their body. I want you to look your best, to feel your best, and to feel success.

Once you purchase a package, you will be contacted to set up our first session.

We have a lot of work to do. Let's get started!!

 New Client Initial Session 

**For new clients**

(1) one, 60 minute private coaching session.  This is where it all starts - I need to get to know you!!  A Complete Health History, Health Questionnaire and Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire included to assist me in assessing your body's needs and areas needing support.


*includes one follow-up email



1 Session

**For existing clients only**

(1) one, 45 minute private coaching session


*includes one follow-up email



3 Session Package

**For existing clients only**

(3) three, 45 minute private coaching sessions                                                                   

 *includes one follow-up email


If you suffer from chronic conditions, want imbalances corrected, looking to loose stagnant weight, are living with skin conditions, auto-immune disorders, want to reduce or alleviate pain and/or inflammatory conditions, then a Deep Tissue Detoxification would be appropriate for you.

8 Week guided Deep Tissue Detoxification
(8) eight, 45 minute private coaching sessions. We will meet bi-weekly for 4 months, or 8 sessions, and I will guide you through your Deep Tissue Detoxification. (Herbal Supplementation, if desired, is an additional cost.)

*After purchasing your package, please use the form on the right to provide me with the best way to contact you.

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It is my pleasure and honor to support you on your journey to Envious Health.

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